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CBD Achieves Higher Popularity Online Than Beyonce & Kim Kardashian

CBD Achieves Higher Popularity Online Than Beyonce & Kim Kardashian

Author: Patientopia 

   We couldn’t believe our eyes either! According to a recent study conducted by CannabisMD, (connecting article can be found here) CBD has surpassed both Beyonce & Kim K in terms of online interest and user searches on the web.  With the study's sampling pool consisting of over 10,000 URLs and various social media platforms, seeing truly is believing!

    Patientopia finds this quite interesting. Especially when you start to peel away at the layers of implication. If our little herbal friend can dethrone such titans of public attention, it must have one helluva story to tell, right? We think so. We have personally felt the healing effects CBD has to offer. The time has come for us to spread the medicinal future fire, together! Hell, we’ll even give you free stuff and discounts while doing it!

     If you’re up to discover your Patientopia, spread the love of CBD and earn some free kickbacks, then join our Ambassador Program.


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