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Medium 2 Piece Grinder

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Color: Blue

This medium sized grinder by Santa Cruz Shredder combines quality, efficiency and simplicity to make a stellar smoking accessory. These grinders go through a rigorous production process right here in the USA that provides durability without sacrificing functionality.

Santa Cruz Shredders are crafted from a single piece of high grade CNC aluminum and they are completely scratch resistant! A protective coating created by a procedure called "anodizing" ensures that this dry grinder won't get scratched.

This 2 piece grinder distinguishes itself from others by using square teeth. Square teeth won't get dull from metal fatigue, run no risk of aluminum or other unhealthy debris in your smoking blend and provide a consistent grind with every use. This durable 2 piece grinder by Santa Cruz Shredder is simple, yet highly effective and reliable.


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