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5 Stage Rawket Cone Set

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$7.19 each
$7.19 each
$7.19 each

Each pack of 5 Stage Rawket Cone Set papers includes 5 different kinds of RAW cones!

The first included cone is the one most people are familiar with, which is the RAW Cone 1-1/4. There is also a king size cone and party size cone included, which are slightly larger than the 1-1/4.

Finally, the last two cones are pretty massive: the Emperador (9" long) and the GIGA (12" long). All of the included cones are pre-rolled, and have filters. Just stuff  & you're ready to smoke one of these beautiful RAW cones!


  • RAW Rolling Papers - 5 Different Sizes Included!
  • All Cones Are Pre-Rolled