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Bong Water Alternative

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$12.60 each
$12.60 each
$12.60 each

Tired of the hassle it takes just to clean your piece? Then use Piece Water! This is a water pipe H20 replacement. It couldn't be a simpler solution to a dirty bong.

Instead of filling your piece with regular water, fill it with this 100% natural H2O replacement. Now when you hit your water pipe, more particulate matter will filter out and resin will be prevented from building up on the glass!

On average, this replacement water lasts about 40 hits per fill.

Usually a 12" bong will hold 2 ounces of water. Thus, you will get about 6 fills out of every bottle of Piece Water, if you use it with a piece of this stature. Though this water alternative is not meant to be drank, Piece Water is non-toxic and safe anyway.

No need to get worried over a minor mix up! The unique packaging of the bottle also distinguishes it from standard drinking water. The liquid is contained in a blue tinted bottle, which is sealed with a golden colored cap. This cap is branded with the official Piece Water logo.

A necessary addition to your smoking setup, Piece Water will keep all your pieces in pristine condition!


  • Height: 7.5 Inches
  • Piece Water Cleaner