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5" Bubbler - Matrix Perc Hammer

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This 5" Matrix Perc Bubbler is part of our Hammer collection and features a matrix style perc at the base of the downstem providing evenly distributed smoke diffusion and water filtration.


• These Hammers are currently the smallest and most affordable bubblers we offer, making them ideal travel pieces that are easy to store and conceal.

• The minimal size and design of these bubblers also makes them great starter pieces for those looking to purchase their first scientific glass water pipe.

• The matrix perc on this hammer offers slightly less water diffusion when compared to the tree perc option, but in turn it is that much easier to clean and maintain over time. Included for free with this item is an 18mm Globe Bowl. This product is intended for tobacco and other legal uses only. 


Hammer Bubbler


Height: 5"

Length: 8"

Width: 1.5"


18mm 90° Female




0.28 lbs

Perc Style

Matrix Perc

Included Items

18mm Globe Bowl

Ideal Water Volume

1 fl oz

Package Dimensions

Height: 4"

Length: 8"

Width: 8"