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Silicone Kettle Bubbler

Color: Rasta

Get the pot brewin' with this sweet Ooze Kettle! As a versatile piece, it is suitable for both dry meds and concentrates. Plus, it comes with a 14mm male glass bowl, as well as a 14mm male banger nail, giving you the best of both worlds.

On the 18mm female joint of the silicone frame you will find a magnetic lightening bolt, perfect for holding your dab tools in place when not in use.

The silicone frame protects a removable glass body and a suction base provides added protection in the most turbulent of situations. The entire piece with the removable parts, right down to the removable silicone downstem, are all dishwasher safe making this killer kettle the easiest bong to clean in your collection! 


  • Ooze Dab Rig