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Detachable Titanium Carb Cap/Dabber

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This detachable titanium carb cap and dabber provides the optimal convenience for dabbing. We know the purity of titanium is a top priority when choosing a carb cap, which is why we made sure that this one is made from grade 2 titanium!

The carb cap unscrews from the dabber which allows both accessories to be used independently and also helps facilitate an extremely simple cleaning process. With universal use and no adaptors required, simply place the cap over your dome-less nail and you're ready for all of the perks of using a carb cap, time and time again!

This carb cap has a hole to increase ventilation and give maximum airflow. In no time at all you'll be enjoying extremely low temperature dab hits, ensuring the best tasting vapor possible while getting an overall cleaner and healthier hit. The dabber has a flat, double sided design that allows you to safely transport your legal goods. The dabber is also constructed from grade 2 titanium to guarantee that you won't have to worry about the durability of this dab accessory. With two sizes, you are sure to find that carb cap dabber that fits your domeless nail of choice.


  • Height: 4 Inches
  • LavaTech Carb Cap
  • Concentrate Accessory