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45˚ Joint "Phoenix" Ashcatcher w/ Removable Top

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Measuring in at 6", simply attach the 45˚ Joint "Phoenix" Ashcatcher w/ Removable Top glass add-on to any 14mm or 18mm female rig and enjoy a clean and cooled smoking experience! All due to the addition of your new ashcatcher, which features an ice chamber. Each piece comes complete with a Grav Labs 29mm joint removable top and is available in your choice of 14mm or 18mm joints, set at a 45˚ angle. 

With a removable thick glass Grav Labs bowl, and a sturdy 29mm joint removable glass top included, this Grav Labs "Phoenix" ashcatcher is sure to be a great addition to your collection.


  • Grav Labs Ashcatcher

  • Joint Size: 14/ 18mm Male
  • Height: 6 Inches
  • 1.5" Diameter And 6" Height Total
  • 45 Degree Angled Joint
  • Bowl Available In 14mm And 18mm
  • Grav Labs Ashcatcher
  • Removable 29mm Joint Top For Ice Chamber
  • Scientific Glass Construction
  • Clear Glass
  • 45° Joint
  • Male Joint
  • 14mm Joint
  • 18mm Joint
  • Scientific Glass