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G Pen Connect

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Oh Crap! Its time to Experience the most advanced dabbing breakthrough in years! You already know though, G Pen has developed a revolutionary alternative to traditional dabbing that offers the potency and hit quality of a dab, mixed with the portability of a vape pen.


  • The G Pen Connect heats to perfect dabbing temperature in just 5 seconds, and delivers a high quality, extra thick and dense vapor every time.
  • Leave the torch and banger nail at home, because the G Pen Connect features a patented reverse airflow technology powered ceramic heating element that heats concentrates of all types evenly and consistently.
  • Designed for any concentrate flavor preference or consistency, the G Pen Connect offers 3 temperature settings in addition to an "Extended Draw Mode".
  • To keep your sesh powered through long periods and travel plans, the G Pen Connect Battery stores 850 mAh of power. Easily snap the battery to the concentrate adapter for an effortless dabbing experience.
  • Pass through charging technology enables you to use the G Pen Connect even while it is charging. 
  • A simple, spring loaded carb release enables precision air flow control. This allows you to clear any water pipe chamber in a split second, or modulate the carb for the your desired vapor temperature and density.
  • True to its name, you can "Connect" the G Pen Connect to your favorite glass on glass jointed dab rig or water pipe quickly and easily. DankStop offers a large assortment of glass water pipes that will work with the G Pen Connect.
  • Various sizes of attachments are available from G Pen, including 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. Only a 14mm male attachment is included in the standard package, but 10mm and 18mm adapters are sold separately.   
  • Included in the box: 1G Pen Connect Battery, 1G Pen Connect Tank, 1G Pen Connect Housing, 1G Pen Connect Male Glass Adapter (14mm), 1G Pen Connect Male Glass Adapter Connector, 1 Micro USB to USB Charging Cable, 3 Replacement O-Rings