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FLYTLAB - Ctrl. Vapor System

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The Ctrl. Cartridge Vapor System by FLYTLAB, provides an easy to use, efficient and discreet way for you to "Get Lifted" !  The FLYTLAB features a sleek design, streamlined controls and unrivaled cartridge compatibility.

It features a high capacity 400 MaH built-in battery with no need for any magnetic cartridge attachments or threading. Simply open the lid, drop your cartridge into the spring loaded chamber, close the lid and your ready to go.

The Ctrl is inhale activated and is always in standby mode. When ready to use, just inhale through the mouthpiece and a vaporized dose will be delivered!


    • Ctrl. Cartridge Vapor System
    • FLYTLAB Micro USB Charging Cable
    • Ctrl. Manual
    • UNLOCK – Press the Lid Release Button on the side of the device to open the chamber.
    • LOAD - Insert the cartridge into the loading chamber and close the lid (The default voltage setting is Green).
    • DELIVER DOSAGE – The FLYT CTRL is inhale-activated and a vaporized dose will automatically be delivered when you inhale through the lid/mouth piece.
    • CHANGE VOLTAGE – Unlock the lid and remove the cartridge. The LED will cycle through the 4 voltage settings. When desired level is illuminated, insert the cartridge back into the loading chamber and close the lid.
    • BATTERY LEVEL – Gently tap the bottom of the device on any firm surface and the LED light will illuminate to indicate the battery level.
    Generally speaking, higher temperatures lead to more vapor production and have a more immediate effect on most users. Lower temperatures tend to provide more flavor and offer a smoother dose. The FLYT CTRL allows you to select from 4 different voltage settings to customize your vaping experience to fit your personal preference. The higher voltage you choose, the higher the temperature.
    • Temp 1: 3.4 V (Blue)
    • Temp 2: 3.6 V (Yellow)
    • Temp 3: 3.8 V (Purple)
    • Temp 4: 4.0 V (Green)(Default)