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Owl Themed Mini Spoon Pipe

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The Owl Themed Glass Pipe is both stylish and practical, created by none other than Empire Glassworks. For the piece's main attraction, a worked glass owl is featured on the back of the dry meds bowl. The entirety of the bowl acts as the owl's body, unifying the other glass details attached to it.

The face of the owl is made up of a beak, a pair of eyes and eyebrows. While these eyebrows are made from brown colored glass, the beak is a solid black. The eyes, however, are more distinct because they are made from pink and yellow infused glass. The owl's feet are located underneath the bowl, stabilizing the pipe on a flat surface. Furthermore, the wings of the owl are located on opposite sides of the bowl; these clear glass wings also function as grip for your hand.

As you can see, much of the glass art on the bowl has a specific usability. Regarding the handle of the pipe, it features even more worked glass: two green leaves and two black thorns.

Hand-blown with thick glass in the lovely state of California, Empire Glassworks has produced yet another versatile piece with this travel sized spoon pipe!


  • Empire Glassworks Hand Pipe
  • American Glass
  • Colored Glass
  • Mini
  • Themed Glass
  • Thick Glass