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Avocado Bong

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If you love avocados, then this bong is for you! There are three separate, worked glass avocados on this Empire Glassworks bong. One of them is the 14mm male bowl itself. The avocado is not on the dry herbs bowl, it is the dry herbs bowl! How sick is that?! The narrower part of the avocado acts as the handle. Better yet, the trench for dry herbs is the pit of the avocado.

This bowl is themed to a T; even the texture is spot on. Speaking of it's texture, it is slightly abrasive, which makes it feel authentic & makes it easier to grip. Apart from the avocado dry herbs bowl, the next avocado inside of the bong itself. This avocado is perched on the fixed, diffused downstem located within the body of the bong. Since we are focused on the perc of the water pipe, it's a perfect time to talk about its benefits. The diffused downstem percolator performs very well when it comes to filtration.

At the end of the perc, there are numerous slits that help form filtration bubbles with your smoke. While some diffused downstems are removable, this one is fixed to the glass of the water pipe. The main benefit of having a fixed diffused downstem is that it's more secure. When you have a removable downstem, there always runs a risk of it breaking.

As you may have experienced, one of the most commonly broken parts of a bong is the downstem, mainly because it is so easy to break when it is removable! For those who want to worry less about breaking their piece, this fixed diffused downstem is ideal. The last avocado is the biggest, making up the neck and mouthpiece.

All three avocados are extremely detailed, including skin and pit!


  • Height: 6 Inches
  • Joint Size: 14mm Female
  • Empire Glassworks Bong
  • Banger Hanger Design
  • American Glass
  • Bent Neck
  • Clear Glass
  • Colored Glass
  • 90° Joint
  • Female Joint
  • 14mm Joint
  • Fixed Downstem
  • Themed Glass
  • Thick Glass
  • Worked Glass