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"Avenge The Arctic" UV Mini Beaker Bong

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Gear up because its about to get cold outside! “Avenge The Arctic” with our chillest piece yet! Check out the inside if you need to cool down 🧊 


  • The Empire Glassworks Avenge the Arctic Mini Rig has a thick, clear glass body that measures 6.5” inches tall.
  • Matching white glass accents on the worked maria rings, flared mouthpiece, and reinforced Dewar’s joint make this piece a true standout. 
  • The Avenge the Arctic Mini Beaker is equipped with a 14mm female joint on the front that sits at an upright 90-degree angle, making this bong perfect for dual compatible use.
  • The reinforced Dewar's Joint helps to keep this part from snapping while being handled by some of your not so careful friends.
  • Bring a piece of the icy cold Arctic waters and their delightful inhabitants home today with the Empire Glassworks Avenge the Arctic Mini Rig.