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2 Stick Infuser Kettle

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Easy Butter Maker, makes infused butter easily! It allows you to make herb infused butter at the push of a button! You're able to create 2 sticks of butter per run, while only needing 10 minutes before you have a finished product. Simply re-run the mix if you desire more potency.

The 2 Stick Infuser Kettle (Easy Butter Maker) uses basic kettle heating methods, combined with a removable & easy-to-clean filtration system, to create delicious infused butter at a moments notice. No electricity is required, as this product heats up right on your stove! I think you could probably make some delicious tea as well if you want to get creative.

Included are the three pieces for your infuser kettle, thorough instructions for use and cleaning, and a draw string bag for storage. The Easy butter maker stands about 9 inches tall with a 4.25 inch base width, taking up little counter and cabinet space in your kitchen, and cleans like any other pot or kettle.


  • Height: 8.5”
  • Easy Butter Maker Infuser