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"Spin Around at the MoMA" Hand Pipe

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Right off the bat, the first thing that catches your eye about the "Spin Around at the MoMA" Hand Pipe, is the mushroom milli. Although varying in color, this glass marble is always entrancing with its petals and striking colors. On the opposite side of the mushroom milli is a large carb hole.

Controlling the airflow while inhaling, the carb hole is an integral part of a smoking session. It allows you to take care of your herbs and not burn through it too fast or slow. On the face of the pipe is a large wig wag design. These colors come in random combinations but are utterly beautiful no matter the mix.

In the same area as these features is the deep bowl. A deep bowl is always a welcome addition to any pipe because who likes packing their bowl over and over again.


  • The body of the pipe has a unique, ribbed tubing made with slightly fumed glass. This fumed glass, which extends to the head of the pipe, changes the more you smoke out of it.
  • Like a modern art exhibit, it still looks amazing.
  • At the end of this tubing, which is surrounded by clear glass, is another wig wag style design.
  • White zig-zags can be found on a navy blue background. A hand pipe with two wig wag designs? That is something you don't see often.
  • This Pipe has an amazing and complicated beauty that is not found in many pieces.