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Quartz Dropdown Banger Nail

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This Dropdown Banger Nail is made of highly durable quartz glass. It has a deep dish with a 1" diameter, so you can freely use a large amount of concentrate! The large diameter of the dish also allows for an easier heat-up process, since the torch's flame has a large target.

Furthermore, the drop down tube has a sloped design. This glass tube acts as a conduit for the smoke, guiding it into the rig. The entire Drop Down Banger is 5 inches long. To protect your dab rig from cracking under the stress of heat, the dish is heated at a safe distance from your rig. This drop down banger is super helpful; it protects your rig and efficiently delivers vapor! Banger nails work best when used with a lower temperature, thus producing the most flavorful vapor.


  • DankStop Dab Nail
  • Female Joint
  • Male Joint