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Glass Wrapped Spoon Pipe

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The Glass Wrapped Spoon Pipe features a optically pleasing body, among much else! Besides the multiple colors and fumed glass, the hand pipe has extra glass coiling around the center. The ribbed body not only feels nice but also gives you a better grip. So yes, this hand pipe is ribbed for everyone's pleasure!

Besides the intricate coiled glass body, the Glass Wrapped Spoon Pipe has intriguing colors and patters. The latty coloring comes in many different hues and random designs. With the various styles, this creation of this hand pipe will never produce two exactly alike, meaning every one is unique. The latty stripes reach from end to end and wrap around in numerous directions. The body of the spoon pipe is made with fumed glass. Fumed glass is very enticing for pipe owners as it has multiple benefits. For starters, it changes in certain lights!

Sometimes the pipe will look clear, but in other ray patterns, it will gain a darker color. The coloring also changes with use. The more you use the Glass Wrapped Spoon Pipe, the more vast the difference. Ash and residue will bring out previously unavailable colors and will change the ones already featured. Fumed glass is really trending at the moment for its ingenuity and using build-up as a positive. Now you do not have to worry about your pipe looking dirty after every toke. Let that baby sit for awhile and gain some character.

Although the coloring and design might differ, every Glass Wrapped Spoon Pipe has a deep bowl. With room for hearty packs, now you won't have to constantly refill your pipe in between hits. On one side of the bowl is a carb hole. This controls airflow when lighting up your dry herbs or tobacco. On the other side is a glass marble. This protrusion, like the ribbed body, helps with handling the pipe.


  • DankStop Hand Pipe
  • Colored Glass
  • Fumed Glass
  • Deep Bowl
  • Clear Glass