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Fumed Mini Spoon Pipe with Mushroom Milli

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Color: Yellow

Most people know fumed glass for its proclivity to take on a yellow, almost amber-ish tint in certain lights (or after being used a few times). Although we offer the Fumed Mini Spoon Pipe with Mushroom Milli in its classic yellow look, you can also choose a pink fumed style. The pink fumed glass actually turns into an exotic purple when shown to light. There aren't many pipes out there that have this kind of color scheme. The main feature of this spoon pipe is the mushroom milli located on top of the tubing.

Coming in random but beautiful colors, these glass bulbs are filled with layers of what looks like petals of a yet-to-bloom flower or the bottom of a mushroom. It helps that the glass orb itself is shaped like a mushroom. No matter the color you choose, you will receive a convenient sized hand pipe with a few welcomed assets!

A side carb hole, which is used to control airflow, can be found to the left of the bowl. This bowl is deep enough for hefty packs. This helps save you time and effort because there will be less occurrences where you will have to repack. Both the bottom of the bowl and the mouthpiece are flat. This helps the Fumed Mini Spoon Pipe with Mushroom Milli stand on its own.

Now you can comfortably place your pipe down on a flat surface without worrying about it falling over and spilling your herbs or breaking. Although you should avoid dropping it, the Fumed Mini Spoon Pipe with Mushroom Milli is made with thick glass to prevent possible breakage.


  • DankStop Hand Pipe
  • Colored Glass
  • Fumed Glass
  • Deep Bowl
  • Thick Glass