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Fumed Hammer Bubbler with Pink Highlights

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Fumed glass by itself can catch a person's eye, with its constantly changing look. Add in a layer of pink coloring and you get a hand pipe that is really entrancing! The Fumed Hammer Bubbler with Pink Highlights, achieves this with a pink swirled layer that sits upon the fumed glass body of the pipe! Fumed glass appears differently, the more you smoke out of it!

Hold it up to a bright light and see the difference.

Now you don't have to clean your hammer pipe as often. The included deep bowl can hold plentiful packs of your favorite dry herbs or tobacco!

Connected to the bottom of the bowl is a fixed downstem. Dipping such into a small amount of water, the downstem actually diffuses your smoke for a much smoother taste. You will want to smoke out of water pipes exclusively after getting used to this diffusion process. A part of the two inch wide bottom is flattened, so the hand pipe can be rested when not in use without any risk of it falling over. Spilling water or your herbs can be quite the headache to clean. It is even worse if the pipe itself breaks, causing a dangerous mess.

Luckily the hammer bubbler is made with thick glass throughout, so the risk of this happening is lowered. Between the portability of the hammer design, the deep bowl and diffused downstem, the Fumed Hammer Bubbler with Pink Highlights is ready to be your daily piece!


  • Height: 3 Inches
  • DankStop Hand Pipe
  • Colored Glass
  • Fumed Glass
  • Deep Bowl
  • Fixed Downstem
  • Thick Glass