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Flat Mouth Rasta Swirl Spoon Pipe

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Color: Black

Each of these Flat Mouth Rasta Swirl Spoon Pipes has an interesting design! This hand pipe comes in your choice of color; black, blue, orange, or white. The glass itself is mostly clear with some fumed glass spots. The color that you choose is represented by multiple squiggle-like swirls going from one end of the hand pipe to the other.

A Rasta stripe runs the length of the pipe & starts at the uniquely constructed flat mouthpiece. This mouthpiece is designed to allow for the hand pipe to rest comfortably on a table or surface without tipping over. It bends around the glass tubing and ends at the front of the pipe, near the deep bowl. There is a side carb to the left of the bowl so you can control the airflow while you are hitting the pipe. Controlling the airflow is important because you don't want to burn through your whole bowl, if possible. The carb hole also shoots the smoke into your mouth for a more effective hit!

The included deep bowl gives you the option of extra large packs, even if the pipe is only 3.5" long. The overall convenient size of the Flat Mouth Rasta Swirl Spoon Pipe makes it easy to transport, as it fits right in your pocket! The price tag doesn't hurt either!

Everyone should have a travel size, easy to use hand pipe like the Flat Mouth Rasta Swirl Spoon Pipe at their disposal. At this price, you should definitely jump on this opportunity!


  • DankStop Hand Pipe
  • Colored Glass
  • Clear Glass
  • Deep Bowl
  • Fumed Glass