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18mm Ashcatcher - Showerhead Perc

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As their name suggests, these upgrades also help to keep the main chamber of your glass bongs and bubblers clean over time by acting as the first line of defense against ash and debris.


  • This attachment can be used to upgrade any 18mm piece with a female joint.
  • Ashcatchers are an affordable option to provide additional levels of water filtration/diffusion, and ultimately smoother hits, on any glass water pipe.
  • Between the three ashcatcher perc designs, this showerhead perc creates average diffusion and water contact and in turn is only moderately difficult to clean due to the minimal shape. 




Height: 4.5"

Base Diameter: 2"

Width: 3"


18mm 90°


0.2 lbs

Perc Style

Showerhead Perc

Ideal Water Volume

1 fl oz

Package Dimensions

Height: 4"

Length: 8"

Width: 8"