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16" Bong - Double Showerhead Perc Pedestal


The design of this bong makes it a great choice for users looking to achieve the biggest and smoothest hits possible as the dual showerhead percs provide extra levels of cooling, while the additional height allows for larger hits. Due to the reinforced downstem and extra thick glass walls, this piece is also as durable as it is efficient.


  • This piece offers two levels of uniquely-effective, inverted showerhead percs, which create optimally balanced smoke diffusion and water filtration.
  • It features both a three-prong ice pinch and splash guard above the showerhead percs giving you the option to fill the top of the chamber with ice for even smoother hits as well as preventing water from reaching your mouth.
  •  Included for free with this item is an 18mm Martini Bowl w/ Handle for cool handling.
  •  This product is intended for tobacco and other legal herb use only.


Bong w/Added Percs


Height: 16"

Base Diameter: 5"


18mm 90° Female




2.68 lbs

Perc Styles

Two Inverted Showerhead Percs


Splash Guard

3-Prong Ice Pinch

Reinforced Stem


18mm Martini Bowl w/ Handle

Ideal Water Volume

5 fl oz

Package Dimensions

Height: 8"

Length: 20"

Width: 8"