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Butane Torch

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Nucleus has exploded on the scene with their unique dab rigs! While these water pipes are tremendous, they are useless if you can't heat up the nail, right?!

Nucleus is always thinking about their customers and came up with the brilliant idea of making their own Butane Torch! Now you can match your Nucleus dab rig with a Nucleus torch.

The turbo flame can reach a ridiculous 2450°F and the flame is adjustable. It is easy to use &lightweight, but won't break while being handled!

A gas adjustment knob can be found on the back of the torch, if you turn it counter-clockwise it opens the gas valve & turning it clockwise shuts it off. Simply press the ignition button/trigger to start torching your favorite dabs!


  • Height: 7 Inches
  • Nucleus Torch