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Sip Series Martini Shaker

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The Grav Labs Sip Series is a collection of water pipes designed in the style of beverage vessels you may drink from every day, but never thought you'd smoke out of!

All of the pieces in this collection are made from fine borosilicate glass, at the Grav labs studios in Texas, USA and features the expert craftsmanship and creativity we have all come to expect from the artists and designers at Grav Labs.

Smoke your dry meds and concentrates like 007 with The Grav Labs Martini Shaker Water Pipe! With its unique design, you probably could shake this piece full of water and not worry about any spillage, and you have plenty of room for water and smoke with a simple fixed fission downstem taking up the only space in the main chamber. A sweet mouthpiece sits atop the would be shaker cap and a 45° 14mm female joint placed at the front face of this pipe holds a 14mm male bowl. With this bold piece in The Grav Labs Sip Series, you're ready to start shaking things up.

This piece includes a 14mm male funnel bowl and we recommend trying this bubbler out with concentrates as well.


  • Height: 7.5 inches
  • Grav Labs Bong